he Academy of CLASS (Committed Leaders Acquiring Success Strategies) was founded in Miami, Florida by Mery N. Dominguez. We are committed to uplifting teens through personal development. From job skills to life skills, teens learn positive strategies to foster a healthy transition into adulthood.

Brief History

In the first year of establishing Academy of CLASS we catered to 32 pregnant teenagers. Three of them had intentions to go to college or post-secondary education. After implementing AOC's curriculum, 19 out of the 32 teens were accepted into college and six entered a vocational program.

The AOC initially set out to help young moms, but has evolved alongside the ladies who have been inspired. The Academy of CLASS continues to provide training that prepares and empowers those who are shaping the future for generations to come.

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Focus Areas

We want to ensure teens develop skills that will impact there overall success. Our methodology is based on hands-on activities, real-life experiences, group and one-on-one mentorship for teens and their parents.


Physical, emotional and mental resilience.


From Communication to Home Economics


From compassion and collaboration to self-efficacy and advocacy.

College Readiness

Standarized Test Prep, Financial Aid resources and Access to mentors

Career Readiness

From Resume Building to Professional Appearance


Help setting actionable objectives and goals. Mentors serve as role models and guides.

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