We are committed to create a positive impact on the lives all teens and their families despite current challenges, by providing engaging tasks that promote confidence, higher level thinking, personal and intellectual development and life-skills to become self-sufficient, goal-oriented and contributing adults.

Core Values









  • Establish partnerships at-risk youth organizations to increase success rates 
  • Promote healthy decision-making and support teens 
  • Develop cultural shifts among teens and our community 
  • Ensure responsible decision-making 
  • Empower higher education and goal-setting

Expose marginalized youth to events, venues and cultural affairs that increase positive experiences and mind set.

Creating Safe Space(s)

The Academy of CLASS serves as a physical agent and also promotes CLASS CENTERS (satellite centers) equipping other organizations that have an interest in enhancing  the work they do with the youth they serve. The CLASS CENTER serves as a renovated place that promotes good mental and physical well-being and provides necessary tools; such as, life- skills, etiquette, job skills and job training, coaching, mentoring and tutoring. Additional resources, such as hand-on evidence based life-skills  curriculum, are available and designed to meet the needs and demographics of each particular site. Youths may be invited to attend venues where skills are generalized.  

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